About us


Our mission

The motto of our NGO is ‘Heal the World’, and that is our mission too. We want to provide help and support for all living creatures, from humans to animals, because only by helping everyone we can make the world a better place. Unity will always help everyone, but if we start fighting over differences and religion, the problems will never end. And no child should suffer, no matter where they’re from, no matter what skin colour they have, no matter what religion they follow. We are all humans before anything else, and humanity is the greatest trait we can have.


The founder of Help and Care Trust is Anupama Patel, a Muslim revert, originally from India. She is the one that started this journey, the one that still continues to make it even greater, to reach as many people as possible because her dream is to heal all the souls who suffer, especially the children. For any information, you can contact her at the following details: