Help and Care Trust is an International NGO based in Romania, providing help, care and support through food, medical support, shelter and education for all people who need it most, no matter where these basic human needs are needed. Help and Care Trust has provided shelter and food for the homeless and orphans in Romania as well. Established in 2016, our NGO grew very fast, starting from Greece camps for Syrian refugees, our teams even managed to get inside Syria to provide relief for the civilians stuck inside.

How we started

Help and Care Trust started in 2016 as an Internationally registered charity, but our work providing help for homeless and orphans in Romania was going on before that.

How we grew - An unexpected journey

Our journey to help Syrian refugees started in November 2016, when we wanted to spread our charity work and reach the most deserving people as soon as we could, with emergency aid. With lots of ups and downs, we finally reached the camps for refugees in Greece, where the situation was terrible; small children were sleeping in tents, with nothing to protect them from the cold. Children, women and young girls were abused physically and mentally and were afraid to even use the bathroom. The only food these people got was boiled pasta with salt, and couldn’t afford other food, medical care or education for their children. We helped families in the Greek camps, by giving them monthly food packs, moving them in safe places to live, helping the children get an education and giving them support to start a new life.

After starting our work in Greece, we continued this journey and went to Turkey to help the people there. The Syrian refugees in the Syria-Turkey border, in Idlib city, Syria and Atma Camp were in critical conditions; small children were suffering from the loss of loved ones at a young age and some were stuck inside Syria with no food or warm clothes to protect themselves from the cold weather. Our teams are on ground in Idlib and at the Syria-Turkey border, still delivering aid for the people of Syria.